What is a CSA??

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture....a subscription program that allows the community to support their local farm/farmer while obtaining the freshest high quality products that are available. By purchasing shares at the beginning of the season, the consumer is making a financial commitment to the local farm, ensuring that the farm has an income to use to invest in the day-to-day operation of the farm. Shares purchased in advance allows the farmer to know how much to raise, and to keep down some of the excess costs by working more efficiently. Hanson Farm is now offering CSA shares for Beef, Chicken, and Eggs....along with the opportunity to add or purchase separately, such items as berries, handmade soaps, additional meats.

We are now offering a monthly CSA subscription for Eggs, frozen beef, chicken, and a combination meat/poultry box.

We are a small farm, and CSA shares are limited. Our shares run for 4 months (unless otherwise stated) seasonally (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec). We begin to take deposits of 25% of share price, 1-2 months prior to the first delivery of your seasonal share. If multiple seasons are purchased up front, an additional discount will apply for even more savings. 

2019 Prices

Quarterly Membership - 4 month subscription (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

Note: Call if you want to start your 4 month CSA today....we will certainly try to accommodate you.

  • Package prices range from $135-560*
  • Package amounts range from 8-30lbs per month
  • Packages each include Chicken, an assortment of Beef, and Eggs
  • ​If two Meat CSA's are pre-ordered (8 months), SAVE 5%
  • If three CSA's are pre-ordered (1 year), SAVE 10%


Shares are limited, so a 25% deposit must be received in order to bookmark your CSA share. Payments must be made in full by the first delivery of the Seasonal time period (January-April, May-Aug, Sept-Dec). CSA membership is confirmed once payment is received.

Space is limited so confirm your spot by signing up today!

​Flexible payment plans can be arranged using cash/checks. PayPal is accepted also (Use the Credit Pricing on the Farm Order Form and send payments to [email protected] or PAYPAL.ME/TIMMYHANSON ) for all PayPal payments.

Contact us if you would like to discuss these options.

Share Amount

Each membership is a 4 month subscription. Members choose their package and then receive that package monthly for 4 months.

Remember: Purchase multiple CSA packages in advance (3 packages is a full year of meat), and SAVE an extra 5-10%!

Contact us today to have our Hanson Farm Order Form emailed to you for fast and easy ordering!